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Our Mission

To change lives in a spiritual environment that is both compassionate and disciplined as we provide housing for those experiencing homelessness, food for those experiencing hunger, and comfort for those experiencing addiction and suffering

Our Vision

To become a model agency to provide services and resources to serve the least of these while seeking to expand the capacity to meet present and future needs in the most effective and efficient manner.

Our Approach

The mission of St. Matthew’s House has been to help those who, through circumstances in their lives, need a hand up. All of the ministries and programs at St. Matthew’s House are case managed, through love and discipline, to address the underlying issues that prevent the clients from achieving independence and reconnection with God, their families and their sense of purpose.

Three Decades of Service

St. Matthew‚Äôs House began in 1987 when a bible study group followed a calling to bring food to a homeless population living in a nearby wooded area. The ‚ÄúTask Force for the Homeless‚ÄĚ began gathering contributions of both food and clothing, establishing the mission‚Äôs food pantry. Throughout the years, community support has helped grow the small mission into a multi-faceted organization focused on spiritual change.