The Thomason Medallic Bible 1970

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The Thomason Medallic Bible was minted in 1970 by the Franklin Mint. The book is very heavy hard cover with 5 thick pages. Each page holds 12 gold stamped solid bronze coins. Each coin is 1.75 In in diameter and depicts a scene from the babble. Under each coin is a description of the coin. For example: the first coin says " Adam gave names to every beast of the field and fowl of the air". The Front of each coin is a picture the back side the Bible verse. All coins are covered in plasticIt is in excellent condition.The whole book is 10.5 in by 11.5 Inches and weighs 10 pounds without shipping material. It is dark brown with gold embossing.   

Style: Religious Memorabilia

Religious Memorabilia
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